Monday, September 12, 2005

Partying, labbishing and eating (Part 1)

Here’s the selective account of my night out in a long long while! Got to say that clubbing and screaming like a siao char bor is one of the best ways to destress. And after slogging for so long for my assignments, it’s good to slap some make-up on the face and doll up abit for some partying~ But darn! The partying had to have spoilers! Bah! So we went to this place called “Down Under” in Brisbane City, Down Under. Duh. Initially, I was quite happy leh as you can see:

Note how the hands are in an anticipative position and the hair purposefully disheveled.

Then when you get into the sleazy joint, you go … If you thought clubs in Singapore have a lot of despos, you ain’t seen nothing yet. True, some people club to hook up but there is no need to assume everyone is a free piece of meat mah. One of them even had the audacity of saying that a girl was "asking for it". At least go through the nicety of asking right? Within 5 minutes of stepping into the place, you can easily get approached trice. Unless you are fugly or smelly. No mean feat to be smelly in a stale smoke and sweaty body club. Here’s what it looks like:

Blue light neh… So futuristic! Too bad the people not futuristic. Got quite a few ah peks.

The layout was quite interesting: got about three different leveled platforms, each dominated by a distinct group of people. I was just telling my housemate cum fellow siao char bor about how a guy can go into the club, decide that the dish for the day is going to be an exotic Asian and approach the Asian platform. +_+ Yes, there were quite a lot of cultural exchanges going on there. I think it was SPG heaven. Yours truly was just there to observe and laugh at those chicks who looked all smug at being picked up. Tut tut… it’s not THAT hard sweetie.

It was boring after awhile so we left and headed for other places in the city. Wah! At night still a lot of people ok!

The mall that rich tai-tais can go crazy in. All the branded stuff are here but I think cheaper in Singapore. I was trying to psycho my Malaysian housemate to visit me in Singapore then I can bring her to DFS… To my benefit too! But no definite answer from her… Nevermind, I shall continue to work on it… *cracks knuckles*

Then we saw the 24-hour casino! Fantastic! Can go in laugh at people who lose their whole fortune! The management still tried to be civic-minded ok… In the toilets, there were cards with helpline numbers on them. For assisting the gambling addicts in kicking their bad habit. Maybe Singapore can learn from this though the stack of cards looked like it hasn’t been touched. Hmm…

After the toilet trip, my friend pointed out a guy who has just lost A$200 in a round. He looked entirely too happy at his (mis)fortune. Will be a good "cai tao" if anyone was looking. But then, it’s a relative thing isn’t it? I’m just a poor student so $200 is a lot to me already. Anyway, the live band there was good! And it was free! But there was too much alcohol sloshing so bye bye casino and yandao singer! *sobs*

We tried to get into this other club but the bouncer turned my friend away because he said he was dressed too casually. Tee, jeans and sneakers leh… Then I glimpsed into the club and saw a Caucasian dressed in the same type of outfit. Then another. And another. I wonder why we were outside. This other Asian guy saw us being turned away and hurried over to ask us why. He looked very worried. I wondered why. +_+

So it was back to Down Under because we didn’t know where else to go and we didn't have any lousy experience yet. Hopefully the music would be better. In we went and ta-da! The music stopped. Why? Because there was going to be a full-monty competition where the male winner will walk away with $100 voucher. Got free show sia… Can examine cultural differences? x_x After seeing how un-cute the guys were, it was *tap tap tap* as we waited for the music to start again. Nevertheless, can see what alcohol do (away) with your inhibitions. Oh! I drank this shot thingy called Cowboy. Very delicious. Maybe can see if they have in Singapore? It’s this shit colored concoction with duno what. Heh heh… Yummy!

Finally we got some fantastic songs! It was damn fun dancing with the wall! For some reason, it attracted some guys. +_+ I fail to see why. But we were just fooling around and our poor guy friend had to be our barricade. Heh heh… That was not the end of his woes. In the middle of a great song, he got the third missed call from his housemate. Tada! The efficient traffic police wanted to tow his car away! So poor guy ran out with us trailing behind. Then it was like walking the red carpet of sleaze. You see guys that were standing around start to put their hands out. High-fives? Nope. It was some ass-slapping action. So girls, do not get too drunk until you cannot defend yourself! But we had no major problems because we were all too wide-awake from the full-monty performance. @_@

We stood outside waiting for our dear friend to come round again to pick us up. And guess what? Yes! A guy tried to pick all three of us up! You can see how interesting it was when you realize that he didn’t even have a target: anyone will do. Must be dying for Asian cuisine.

Stay tuned for how we handled the guy tomorrow! I am trying to block out the full monty images now! x_x


Jess said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I'm back in action.

Injenue said...

is this the drink?

Wongcheok said...

lol how many participants were there in the full monty competition? thats fucking hilarious man

jllt said...

Jess: WELCOME BACK!!! *muack*

injenue: I think mine more potent but anything with Baileys is yum!

wongcheok: There were 6 contestants. I think only 1 stripped bare, the others just kind of mooned. And a girl had a taste. Now are you interested?

Wongcheok said...

eh? ... ahh... uhh.... i umm... don't think so?


a girl had a taste?! hahaha. shit man sounds like a fun place to be - makes me wish i were anywhere but here.

jllt said...

wongcheok: Come on over. I'll show you around!