Sunday, June 29, 2008

A joke

4 men were
playing mahjong.

Being old men, they had quite a bit of phlegm. So they used

the spittoon

and all contributed to its sticky contents.

One men was sick of playing with cash, so he announced, "Let's have some variety today! The loser shall take a sip from the spittoon."

And so it was agreed upon; the loser shall have

a drink of gunk.

In an hour, the loser was decided. Plucking his courage, he took up

the spittoon

and opened his mouth. The others watched with morbid fascination as his throat moved up and down. It was only until he had tipped the entire contents into his mouth was Lao Lin able to exclaimed,"A sip man! A sip! Why did you finish everything?"

"It just kept coming."