Saturday, August 16, 2008


I went clubbing recently. There was supposed to be a dress-up theme. Excited, I called up the girls and commanded that they dressed to the theme. What's the theme? Some hints:

Hint 1: The most 'full-length' image I could find. Look at the clothes!

Hint 2: It's in the eyes!

Hint 3: I got lots of help from mama!

Okay, okay. I know our dressing didn't come off quite as obvious in the images than up close. And I know the eye make-up is what many girls would use today.

Did you guess it? Does bell bottoms, big hairband, mod, hippy, heavy eye make-up connote anything to you? Drum roll please... *drrrrrrrrr... drrrrrrr..drrrr*

Balik Kampung! Dress like your parents when they were young!

Luckily I got the girls to dress like they did. Otherwise, I'll look like a goon because pretty much no one else did! Sad right? What's a themed party when no one makes the effort to dress up for it! Haiz...

SJ channelled the retro look (think Chen Mei Guang), JT did the 50s look (think Pleasantville or Ah Ma look :P), Serene had her retro gear going on (plastic earrings, white heels etc...), and Dora put in her half-hearted mod look (Twiggy? +_+). Me? I went for hippy! I even did the center-parting ok!

The club did try (somewhat) to adhere to the theme. There were traditional games (hopscotch anyone?), food (ding ding candy, ice balls), some setup within the club, a trishaw outside, and some staff dressed very kampung-like. But that was it! Besides us, I did not spot anyone who dressed up at all! It was the conventional clubbing gear. You know, dresses/spag tops/demin bottoms for the girls, and tees/jeans for the males.

Recently, after the fact that I will turn 26 next year smacked me while I was writing the date, I realised you are only young once (cue Alphaville's Forever Young). If we don't dress up like a goon now, when will we do it?

Embrace your youth! Take lots of pictures! Have a laugh!

Let your creativity run free! Wear things you normally wouldn't wear! Try looks that you feel are not you at all!

Make a mosaic! Print it out! Frame it up!

Despite the lack of thematic dressing from everyone else, I had lots of fun! Drsesing up was a plus. Mum seemed more excited than me, digging out her old stuff and grandma's! I wasn't going to wear no heirloom clubbing so I'm glad to say grandma's watch is still safely tucked away. Somewhere. (:

So, what are you going to wear for Halloween?