Thursday, June 26, 2008

My childhood favourite

Hello! You remember what is your favourite childhood tidbit? This is mine:

This Collon and the body's colon are not too different! Both with fattening stuff inside. :P

According to Eunice, you have to bite the biscuit first, then lick the cream. But to-may-to and to-mat-to, I say you pop the nasty fattening creamy roll into your mouth and bite down!

Oh yes! For this tidbit, only the original flavour will do. No chocolate or strawberry. Just like only original Oreos, Coke's cola, Nutella hazelnut spread, Mama's tomyam noodles. Only one flavour needs apply.

When I was young, my elder brother always told me that chocolate are for boys only. Girls can only take vanilla or strawberry because white and pink are girl's colours. Do you remember watching period drama from TVB? We used to glue to the screen wondering why some "heroes" wear black boots and others are dressed in white ones. Our conclusion? Black boots-wearing heroes are more powerful than whities.

Makes sense? :)