Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Aussie Lifestyle - A Photo Blog

Mama said never to play with your food. I beg to differ.

Speech bubbles pancake!

Elephant pancake!

What is Colin (?) saying pancake!

The 'how old is my coffee' game!

The 'count the "dots" on my strawberry smoothie's strawberry' game!

Other days, you play with your hair.

Dye it red and tie it up in knots!

Cut it straight and take weird pics!

Smoky eye makeup always leaves me panda-like. No place like home to perfect the flick or brush up on the mod.

Flickety flick!

I am panda!

I am still bored... zzz


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jllt said...

I prefer those at Ah Met's or Freestyle! Time to give up on Cafe Mondial eh? WooooOoOOoOoOo!!!