Friday, March 31, 2006

The philosophical clubbing experience

Things are prettier in the dark. Daylight is harsh on everyone. In the absence of brightness, we find beautiful things. Lights that shine in the dark are almost mystical.


But when you put on the flash, it all becomes clear. Too clear.


Toilets are good. Dimmed toilets are better. Without lights to show how weird we actually look with blue blops on our lids and red smears on our lips, we feel confident with the warpaint on.

The shadow adds nice lines to your legs too. What cellulite?!

Check out the footwear and feet girls have when clubbing.

What's wrong with the photo? (L to R) 3 inch heel, 3 inch heel + bright red paint on nails, 2.5 inch heel + orangey/pink paint on nails, toes squeezed together to fit into sharp points

There's the liquid that costs more than what it's worth. Many seem to need it to lose inhibitions. Isn't the music enough? The right amount can give you a relaxed feeling. Too much makes you puke and have a headache that lasts the day. Too little makes you feel like the music is too loud. But any amount makes you feel the pinch on your wallet.

Long island tea that is not a tea $15, Johnnie Walker that makes you do anything but walk $7, Bailey's, chocolate, irish cream, Kahlua and milk concoction that is not for bedtime $16.

Then, there are some who loves to share their skin.

Girl in black (2nd from left) later removed top to show bra underneath. Girl in white shorts (right) is fully clothed for the occasion.

P later asked me what the girls hoped to achieve by dressing like that. I suppose when you have it, you want to flaunt it. They gyrated on the podium. What do they want from the crowd? Admiring glances from everyone, pick up lines from the males or bitchy comments from the females?

'Just eyes on me please'.

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