Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crazy days

As the exams draw closer, and closer, I find myself wondering what I should blog about. Thinking back, it's quite strange. When I first started blogging, it was during my last sem at NUS. Technically, it was not "first started blogging" because I had a blog, named "Why" before Crappy came along. And Crappy has stayed quite long. Anyway.

I found that iced coffee is really nice. And I also just realised that coffee is cheaper in Australia than in Sg. More delicious too. Mostly. Had a sudden craving for iced coffee and have been seeking out the nice ones. Shit, all going straight to the hips. Zzzz...

Iced coffee and new york cheesecake at Freestyle

Iced coffee at Harbourtown

I highly recommend everyone to go to Fossil watch outlet when they visit Harbourtown. You can get wallets, bags, tops, and of course, watches there. And the watches are not limited to Fossil brand. You can get refurbished (previously flawed but have since been fixed) DKNY, D&G, Calvin Klein etc at discounted prices. And one year warranty too. Do check for battery and scratches though. An absolute dream for watch lovers. And don't be afraid to head into shops that don't look like they offer anything to your taste. You might be surprised. I got a Topshop bag at $17 in a shop that looks so blah outside. Woohoo! Ninewest having sales again.

I can't confirm a flight to get home. Until 22nd Jan 2007. Zzzz... ):


baby`soT said...

I'm going home soon....in 50 days time!!!


jllt said...

I don't want to know. +_+