Sunday, March 26, 2006


There is this particular advertisement on Australian tv that has caught my attention. In fact, the advertisements here are much more interesting than those in Singapore. The advertisement starts by showing a pair of feet behind closed doors. A man is in the process of putting his hairy feet through a full-bodied swimsuit (the kind divers have). In the foreground is a swimming pool.

In the next scene, he walks out with his swimsuit zipped to the top. Then, these words appear:

Now, doesn't that sound intriguing? This ad is actually part of a few related advertisements. Curiousity piqued? Pop over to to see this guy.

It's all for a good cause!


Ivan said...

THAT is really hairy... oh, and the link is broken.

jllt said...

Thanks! You should be able to see it now. :D