Saturday, October 08, 2005

Things I think about

Traffic lights. I often wonder whether there are people who specialize in calculating when to make traffic lights blink and for how long. I thought it would be a fairly simple job. *tui tui tui, green man on, green man blinks, red man on* What would these people do after they set up the system? No more job? Ah ha! Traffic lights are tricky little things; they look deceptively easy to set up, no? But when you think of how you need to coordinate traffic light A with traffic light B and B with C and so on, you would think twice wouldn’t you? Furthermore, you need to estimate the average speed and how many cars will be stopping on a particular road when the light turns red and whether there is enough space for the perpendicular traffic to zoom by the last car. Many, many considerations my friend!


Animals. I think they are only as good as the extent to which you can control them (hmm… just like everything else?). You wouldn’t enjoy having a dog that barks twenty-four seven right? That’s why people have muzzles. Too inhumane to shut your poor cutie, sweetie chiwawa up you say? Well, think of the poor student who has to hear the din your beloved pet and others make at 6 in the morning. Some of us are just unfortunate enough to stay near a vet where the wounded animals make it a point to let you know just how they feel. Be humane to human first please.


Perception. Many a time, we feel hungry. Many a time, we walk around because we cannot decide what to eat. Many a time, we perceive that the stall with the longest queue is the only stall we can eat from. Many a time, we join the back of that queue only to realize it has been overattributed. Many a time, we curse like a sailor for sticking to such a misguided perception.

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c said...

hey there! came across ur blog through and i really like the way u write..can relate to stuff like perception and traffic lights and what-not ;)

im gonna link u yah.. jadeunderground@blogspot.
write on!

- christine