Thursday, October 20, 2005

We have a winner!

A few days ago, I ask people to spot the wrongness in this:

I also provided some hints. Today, we finally have a winner!


Congratulations anonymous -mon-! Here's your winning entry:
"Anonymous said...
or maybe it's the security cams on the roof of the bus. it could take down-blouse pics eh. -mon- "

For your stunning answer, I shall award you with an e-kiss! *smooch*

Here's the story behind the pic. One day, I was innocently on the bus, looking around me as I deliberated whether to dig my nose. Left was a friend who's used to my disgusting habit. Clear. Right was the window. Clear. Back were people who were too busy talking about their zits, boobs and bums. Clear. Front were two hotties sitting like they were pooping, therefore spoiling the hunk image. So clear. Then the top! OH MY GOD! THE TOP!

There they were, a few tiny globes scanning the bus. Can see?

I pooped on the wrongness!

So I could not dig my nose! Who was watching me? Nowadays, we have these surveillance cameras all over the place. Why? In the name of fighting terrorism. I think back in good ol' days, no one would take this lying down:

"The authorities have no right to monitor our every move!"

So is this now right then? I had no idea what the cameras were for and thus googled it to hopefully get some answers. Nope. Nothing. Zilch. No information whatsoever about why the all-knowing e-eyes were there and what they were looking for. Why are we living in such an Orwellian society now? Who is the Big Brother watching us? Is there any Big Brother at all?

Let's think about it. We can install an infinite amount of cameras but are they effective? That depends on what they are used for. If someone is going to commit a crime, will it serve as deterrence? If we have cameras zooming around, ideally there should be a team of people monitoring everything 24-7. Are there?

I can tell you what it is good for: I only dig my nose in the bathroom.



Anonymous said...

yay! -muacks- i'm so honoured man. seeing my name there on yer blog. -laughs-

Anonymous said...

well, is it totally worthless and unethical to install cameras on buses? Afterall the terrorists bombed a bus in london. At least you'd get an image of the terrorist's face.

jllt said...

Totally worthless? No. But if you are intending for it to be a preventive measure, it wouldn't help much if there's no one monitoring 24-7 right?

It might help you to catch the bombers, but lives will be lost before that.

Anonymous said...

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