Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The performance

Furnerals are performances. It is not for the dead; it is for the living. The living do many things out of its norm. It cries, it rants, it rails and it acts.

At his furneral, many claimed to be his "brother". "Brothers" who were not by his side when he needed it raving at the injustice of his death; at the supposed caning he received post-mortem; at the guy who allegedly got him into trouble; at the girl who did not turn up when he had left a letter only for her.

At another furneral, she was refusing dinner, claiming to want to keep the dead company. Why did she not turn up on his birthday? Was it because there was not enough people around to witness it? If you did faint at the furneral from refusing food, you were then being filial and not being a nuisance, adding more problems to the sad affair? If you called the girl a bitch for not wanting to face the hostile "brotherhood", you were being a friend?

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