Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's on your list?

Since I returned to my dearest motherland, I have been singing. Look ma! I got a membership to KBox! That's right. I dragged my mum along (and my aunt, on another occasion) to karaoke! Then I marvelled at the linguistic ability of my mum because she can sing in Taiwanese/Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. How many people you know can see the same Chinese characters and be able to sing in dialect? I think I went no less than 7 times. So, so enjoyable to scream.

Someone complained that we always sing the same songs. But some songs are just suitable for our vocal ranges what! Here's a list of the most commonly sang songs. Please remember that we are old ladies. Here goes:

- Jolin Tsai: 倒带 (can act cutie pie)
- Wan Fang: 新不了情 (nice mtv!)
- Jay Chou: 安静, 借口, 简单爱 (the only ones we can keep up with the lyrics)
- Coco Lee: 真情人 (shake, shake, shake)
- Phantom of the Opera (challenge, man)
- Faye Wong: 百年孤寡, 我愿意 (to pretend)
- A-mei: 听海, 解脱 (more challenges)
- Harlem Yu: 戒不掉, 情非得意[?] (happy, happy)
- Dream a Little Dream (a little jazzy, a little husky, a lot performing)
- Stefanie Sun: 遇见 (almost monotonous)
- Chen Jie Yi: 喜欢你 (just for nostalgia)
- Sandy Lam: 伤痕 (old lady song)
- 信乐团: 死了都要爱 (this is power!)
- F.I.R: 把爱放开, 我们的爱
- 五佰: 浪人情歌, 痛哭的人
- 动力火车: 无情的情书

I think there's a lot more but I cannot remember. Haha!

Even if don't sing, also have other things to do. For instance:


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