Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Auntie or ???

Yesterday, I was talking online to Don AQ. I was trying to engage him in a conversation about red lipstick. How much I like it. Whether he thinks it's nice. Whether it's a look for me. What kind of girls would look good with it.

Then I proceeded to ask readers (if any) on my blog whether they thought it was a dig it or ditch it look. Strangely, both who bothered to reply said it's a ditch.

Today, I tried a little experiment and went to city looking like this:

*** As I was typing this, my younger brother msn me and told me I look like an auntie in the pic. +_+***

Granted, it's not very red but first time mah. Give some chance! Anyway, I think this is a look older guys like because I get some comments from older men.

I think it's interesting. Maybe this look really is auntie after all.


ilaiy said...

Well Okie .. I think I am not that old .. But personnally I think it dosenot make you look old. Your hair and your eyes donot bring on the red as much as blonde.

I felt the blonde features weren't really impressive. Well thats just me ..

Looks good on you ..


Adrian said...

I don't care what anyone else says, you're gonna wear that look when you get back to Singapore.

S&S said...

the colour is not that red/ crimson... not to the extent of the auntie colour..

It looks all right to me i think, but one thing i do know is that the "in" thing is having dresses or tops that resemble a sailor's suit. Talk about role- playing .. lolzz..

jllt said...

ilaiy: Thanks for the compliment! Why are u thanking me? Hahaha...

Don: The lipstick only or with the expression? :P

walkon: I think the only role I playing in the top is that of an auntie. Hahahaha...