Sunday, June 11, 2006

Furry Box and her 13 "things"

One day, Furry Box was on the table taking a much needed rest. Well, it can't be easy carrying around 23 "things". That's why Furry Box always has three dots of sweat on her forehead. Nevertheless, she is happy to still be alive after 8 long years of not showering. She has endured many falls and food droppings in her long life. And she hopes there are more years to come.

But, suddenly, she split open! Oh dear, what is happening to Furry Box? Are there no more years for her?

The 23 "things" decided they have enough of being cope up in Furry Box and wanted to come out for some fresh air. It's about time they get some recognition. Because they are biggest in number, Neon Colours came pouring out first.

There's so many of them! Neonlow is as self-righteous as ever because his job is to highlight definitions. Neonpink is done with arguing with Neonue because she is always right. Poor Neonblue is used to his life of always being wrong. If he's not wrong, he's considered bad by the others. Neongreen does not care for all this because he is neutral. Whistling away is Neonpur, who's usually happy to be left out of the group because he's just there to set an example anyway. They can do with or without him. Then we have Neonrange who is new the the group and an outcast because no one knows what to do with her yet.

The very tired Gees fell out next.

Gees are always tired because they have to do a lot of work. Now that their life fluid is running low, they need a quick Refill soon. Otherwise, they will just be useless and life will have no more meaning.

Although Point Two Eight is seldom in the action, he is looking very pinched.

That's because he was once used for 13 hours straight without a rest. Turned out that he had to churn out a A4 "cheat sheet". After that ordeal, he is never the same again.

Whee whee! What have we here?

It's Miss Gelly! Miss Gelly is the most popular female in the group. Her role is very important. She has to write down lecture weeks and dates. Without her, there would be zero organisation!

One of Miss Gelly's secret admirers is 17.5cm from Japan.

Although 17.5cm is straight as a ruler, he somehow cannot find the courage to ask Miss Gelly out because he has all these pencil stains at his sides that can never come off. No matter how hard he tries, the stains remain. So, he has given up on ever going on a date with Miss Gelly and has turned to exploring other options with the other male 17.5cm. Sadly, he doesn't know that he might lose his job if he turns crooked.

Who are the others that want to escape from Furry Box and possibly make her lose her job? Come back and you will see Furry Box and her next 10 "things"!


Abs said...

3 cheers for good friends! And errr....the Furry Box!!

jllt said...

My friends deserve more than 3 cheers! Continue somemore!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Furry Box...