Saturday, June 24, 2006


I like taking train in Brisbane. Today, I took a 2 hour train ride to Helensvale to go shopping at Harbour Town. Funny how far girls will travel to get bargains. BUT! I didn't manage to get anything!!! Saved for a meal at Nando's, which I can easily get from the city 20 minutes from my house.

Hmm... I wonder why no one franchising Nando's in Singapore. It will be huge! Even my mum who is not a BBQ food kind of person loves it! Never mind! I still had an interesting ride on the train.

My Malaysian housemate asked me a question: do you have toilets in your trains in Singapore? Hmm... Although we do not have toilets, I wonder if we need toilets for a ride from Jurong to Pasir Ris. Here's the huge toilet on the Brisbane public train.

This is only a third of the whole cubicle. Fascinating how they have a bin for dumping needles. For the diabetics maybe? We should have something like that in Singapore? I wonder what it would be like to take a dump while the train is moving and your stop is reaching soon. Do u first

a) Wipe your ass
b) Grab your belongings
c) Wear your pants
d) Continue dumping
e) Sigh and say 'Whatever!'?

I like the toilet so much that I took a photo inside. It really is clean. I doubt it will be clean if it's in Singapore. I am amazed by how dirty Bishan toilets are. Check out Junction 8 and you'll see what I mean.

Sometimes, when I take train, I feel weird because the whole train of people look bored and black-faced. The only time there seemed to be some life was taking train during Ekka.

Click on the photo and let me know if you understand what the drawings are there for. Don't see the link between the drawing and the words: Speak when light flashes.

So, do you love the toilet on the train too? :)


ilaiy said...

Nice photos .. BBQ sounds good for lunch ..


jllt said...

Thanks... I think the food looks the nicest!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why Nandos doesn't have a franchise in Singapore too...

jllt said...

I know! It's the absolute best!

Anonymous said...

The picture is there for whoever uses the emergency intercom. Maybe to illustrate that it's for communicating with train staff...

You're the person on the right and the person on the left (with the spiffy hat) is probably the train operator/conductor.

Trains there in Oz look nice but I'm a fan of JR (Japan Rail) in all its forms (East, West, Kyushu, etc.)

Anonymous said...

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