Thursday, May 04, 2006

The journey of making peanut butter cookies

We, at house no. 31, are getting domesticated. Yesterday, after dinner, we were wondering what the post-dinner plans were. This despite having tons of assignments to complete, and loads of readings to catch up on. We decided to commence on our current(on 3 May 2006)-but-soon-to-be-ex(from 4th May 2006)-favourite activity: baking!

We did not want to make poo poo again because we can only pay for so many dental trips. In a complete turnaround, we wanted soft cookies. After much LOUD-slam-the-table-squat-on-floor-stomp-around-the-house laughter and near-collapses (both the cookies and us), we finally manage to churn out the peanut butter cookies!

Ok... So they were not soft but they were smashing!

The trip to peanut butter cookie heavendom was not uneventful. I shall narrate what one of the shall-remain-unnamed housemates did. Granted, it might be faster to narrate what she did right, but where's the fun in that! (kidding my dear unnammed housemate!)

It says to mix sugar and butter together. Flour to be added to the sugar-butter mixture later. She said, "Add sugar to flour!"

It says to use softened butter. She said, "Melt the butter!"

It says to preheat oven to 150 degrees. She used the grill function. Hey! Maybe grilled peanut butter cookies will be the next hot thing!

Adding peanut butter to mixture
She nearly severed the knife into two when she put it in between the two beaters of the electic mixer. Not cool, not cool at all.

Scoping mixture onto baking trays
She "plap" a spoonful right to the other housemate standing beside her, who exclaimed in shock. She looked down and asked, "Who did that?!"

Eating the cookie
I was getting the second batch of cookies ready for baking. She made me tiptoe for she catapulted a big cookie crumb against my foot.

If I do not blog soon, please id. this housemate.


ling said... guys are freaking funny!!

Abs said...

The cookies look great lah, honestly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.