Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kogepan - The Burnt Bread

I know it's not cool to like cute things at my age. I know people will say I 装可爱. I know people will say 'wah lao!'. I know people will say 'cannot grow up ah?!'. I know people will say 'get over it' (K, you know I'm talking about you). But I don't care. It has been so long since a single picture can let me laugh until I nearly peed (don't eeee me! it has happened to you too just that you are conveniently denying it now!!). It has been so long since I laugh at something online (isn't it strange how rare that is?). It is time to show this to the world:

KOGEPAN! THE BURNT BREAD! Kogepan is actually a very sad bread who only wanted to be the most delicious bread. But misfortune befalls him, and his vision could only remain as that: a vision. He takes to drinking and smoking. But sometimes he is very lucky. He gets picked up by someone to go travelling in other countries.

Act Mexican!

In Venice! Click photos to see more!

Other times he is not as lucky. He becomes part of lunch.

Despite all these, he still tries hard to be a delicious bread.

Read more about his never say die attitude. You will love him too!