Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I love style.com (BIMBO BLOG ALERT!)

Last time, when I was first exposed to the wild wild web, I hung out at my friend's house while we thought of domain names to type into the address bar. girl.com and boy.com churned out pornographic websites which I am sure friend's teacher mum will be non too pleased to find in the history folder.

Forward to 7 years later when I decided to ditch the oh so wonderful google and replayed the "enterwhateverdomainname".com game. Woo! I found style.com. Even though I may never be able to afford the smallest thing featured in there, it is nevertheless interesting to see the absurd and sometimes very beautiful tailoring designers have to offer. Here's some of the interesting things I found:

Marc Jacob as a pig (with Anna Sui)

The very entertaining collection from John Galliano

Aiyah... Just one of those rubbish blogs! I want to write about this and so I write! Muahahahahahaha...

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