Monday, December 19, 2005

Australia Mini Trip I

Woohoo! A while ago I was saying I would blog about my mini trip around Queensland, Australia with my parents. We did not do all the tourist-liked things; instead dad rented a car and with the help of my "old bird" friend, we went cruising along the highway!

Most of the times, we go to the beaches. I think beaches look the same after a while:

Quiz time! How above pictures were taken from how many different areas in Queensland?

The trip was simple but very fun! I love to be with my parents because of a number of reasons:

a) Dad always tells me want what then buy lor! (Of course I will paiseh and not really buy things. My one article was like one-fifth of my brother's but then again, bro was spending his own money. Hmmm...)

b) Mum is a fantastic cook and she's way cool with having conversations with my friends and I. (Of course I not so cek ark ask mum to cook on her holiday! I made part of the below meal):

Basically I just opened the mushroom soup and added the cut mushrooms in. But hey! There are people out there who cannot handle a can opener! Bro made the delicious omelette by the way. :P

c) I get to show mum and dad the places I usually hang out at and explore new places with them!

d) I think there is the tourist mentality of eating better food when you are overseas so we get to enjoy fantastic cuisine like this seafood platter:

Got clams, salmon, scallops, crabs, oysters, prawns and mussels! All with their own sauces so you don't get sick of the same taste!

e) I like to see my family happy and on trips we mostly are! :D

We went a number of areas and visited some interesting places such as the:

place where gingerbreadman lives,

places where macadamia nuts are nutted ,

cafe with the freshly roasted coffee (OMG!),

and the funnest of all, the family-owned farm cottages - Murojum Farm!

I think this post is one of those meaningful-if-you-get-what-I-mean-or-if-you-were-there-or-if-you-interested kind of post. So if you are interested, just let me know and then I will rant on about Murojum Farm among other things ok?! It's beddy time so I will be ready for a very special day later! (__/__)" "(__\__)

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