Sunday, November 13, 2005

You and I

You and I, we were never apart. Everyday when I woke up and thought about you, my heart leapt a little and danced a joyous dance. I was thankful that I had you in my life and never thought you would some day leave me. Even though it had not been a smooth ride, I had fallen hard for you in the short time we were together.

Do you remember that day? When I dressed up to go out and there you were, wearing that color to compliment me. No other men would have done that for me. All my friends were envious of us. They told me how lucky I was to get you because upon seeing you, they knew you were the one for me. I never doubted it. My friends know me well.

Before I left for school, I would always think about you. Some days, we would go to school together and on those days, you made my toes curled up in happiness. Before I went to bed, you would always be on my mind and I would smile a little.

You know, mum was against you initially. She did not see you in the same light as I did. But I was glad I had chosen you for besides you, no other would do. I had not told mum about us but she found out later anyway and gave me a shake of her head. I did not like seeing mum unhappy but just a glance at you told me I made the right choice.

My friends did not feel you were good-looking enough. So who cares! In my heart of hearts, I know you and I were meant to be. Why, why then, did you have to break my heart? I gave my all to you; I even painted my toenails when I went out with you. Why did you have to give me such happiness and now bear to leave me alone? I know you had to go sooner or later but I just cannot stand the sadness in my broken heart now.

I hate you. For now, my heart is dead and I can never love again.


starstar said...


just ended mine not too long ago, i thot i could never love again but i found out tt i can..

be strong oke? i'll pray for u =)

jllt said...

Eh.. sweetie.. I was talking about the slippers. Haha..

Congrats on ur new-found love! :D