Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Soulmate... or not?

Can you start a relationship with someone who’s very much like you? It sounds great, doesn’t it? Perk your butt a little and the other party knows what kind of fart you are going to emit. You will have the same interests and same ideas about everything. He just has to look at something and look at you and bingo! You get him. Completely. She looks at something and looks at you and there! She gets a diamond ring. Expensively. Perfection?

On the contrary, I think that life with someone who is JUST like me will be so boring. Do we even need to talk? I can imagine our conversations will go like this:

Me: I think we will never be contended with what we have.
Him: Yes, yes, yes! I think that ALL the time!
Me: But in a way it’s good too, isn’t it? Then you will strive for more.
Him: Yes, yes, yes! I think that ALL the time!
Me: Hmm… I feel like having cheese cake now.
Him: Yes, yes, yes! I think that ALL the time!

Someone once told me that he could not be with his soul mate because it would be incestuous. If you know so much about that person, would that be too much?

On the other hand, if you date someone who’s the complete opposite of you, it’s going to be hell on earth. Imagine disagreeing on everything. So, so tiring…


R2D2 said...

I appreciate myself quite a bit(read: ego). So it'll be nice if I could find someone that I know I could respect and appreciate. And be respected in return.
Know what I'm saying?

S&S said...

That sounds as if one is in love with a clone of himself or herself.
Is it called narcisscism?

Perhaps the various stages of love can be described as:

We eventually grow into what suits our partners, but retain our own special attributes which had attracted them to us in the first place.

c said...

i think we need a fair mix in order to keep stimulation and excitment in a relationship.

2 people who are like-minded are cool, but variety gives you spice.

so you get cool-spice.

awesome! ;)

Jennywawa said...

Well, my best friend and I can be described as total opposites except in height. We're both 1.8m+. In anycase, his house is worth 1.2Million, mine's 120k, he thinks Lee Kuan Yew is a communist at heart and I think he was Singapore's messiah.

He's Catholic and detests Evangelists, I am an evangelist.
Lolz, yet we're still best friends, despite personality, background, social, religion, economic and etc... clashes! I know it's different from dating but yeah, if we can work it out, why not a couple?

PS: There's another issue besides our height that we aren't opposite about and that's homosexuality.