Wednesday, October 07, 2009

his pain

it started with a backache.

he thought yoga would help. so he asked his friends for some moves that he could do. it didn't help.

he was overseas. he went to the doctor when the pain got too bad. i msn him because his status was about losing 7kg in a week. he told me the doctor made a hole in him to drain out the pus and it was 'very very very' painful. medication didn't help. it was supposed to be appendicitis. i asked him why he didn't come back to singapore since it was so bad. he said he couldnt travel then. we were still thankful that insurance covered the bills.

but it didn't cover his life. he passed away yesterday. doctors had misdiagnosed. in the one month that he was asked to wait for his surgery, the cancer might have raged on. it was colon cancer. and stage 2.

they told me all the treatments were too late. we were supposed to have gathering when u came back.

goodbye my friend. i hope there's no more pain now.

please take care of your health. pain is the sign that something is wrong.