Sunday, October 25, 2009

It wasn't love at first sight.

When I first saw you, I never thought you could make my heart go faster. It has been a long time since I last felt this way.

Grudgingly, I decided to give you a try because I was bored and wanted something different.

The first time we got together, I thought it was just a fleeting liking, a touch, a caress, no more. I didn't know what made me do it but I felt maybe I should give you a chance. Who knows, we may really be meant for each other.

As we told ginger steps together, I fell more and more for you. I could not help it. Being with you was like floating on a cloud. You made me stand tall and I felt proud to have you with me.

My heart began to beat faster and my lungs could not seemed to get enough air. It was then when I began to think that we could really work.

Alas! You were not what I was used to. You needed me to invest more in you than what I was used to. We soon parted ways.

I could not stop thinking of you. My heart was still racing, my mind running wild with the things I will give up just to have you. I made my choice.

And we are together now.

My new 5 inch heels. Yes. FIVE! F.I.V.E!