Sunday, May 11, 2008

Neh Neh

I finally went to Haji Lane a few weeks back. I know it has been THE place to go for some time now, but I don't like to follow fashion ok? (Riiiggghhht)

I realise Haji Lane is a place with very few but interesting shops. I love vintage but I won't wear it because I kept wondering what happened to the owner of the items. Too many horror movies in childhood I suspect.

Anyway, at one of the shops, I saw this wristlet in the traditional triangular milk packaging. I picked it up and exclaimed happily to shopping buddy that this was the milk from OUR childhood. She looked at me like I was mad.

"Where got? You don't anyhow say la. See the thing and project it into your past meh?"

I shut my trap and scratched my head abit. Was I really remembering the wrong memories? Not to be defeated, I cast my mind back down memory lane. I remembered bringing up the milk in several instances, asking friends from my generation whether they remembered the milk with the triangular packaging. Each time, they had stopped their conversations, looked at me like I was babbling nonsense and gone straight back to discussing where to go, what to eat.

While waiting for the bus one day, I ask JT whether she recalled the milk. She rolled her eyes a bit, and tapped her lips with a finger. A spark, a flash, a blink! Poof! "Yes, I think so..."

FINALLY! Someone with some memory! There you go folks, I'm not senile, I'm not delusional. I just have a better memory than you.


Anonymous said...

dont worry i remember this too. (:


jllt said...

I shall add you to my "Rememberers of triangular milk packaging" members.

Injenue said...

don't remember this.

jllt said...

You don't join the club. +_+"

Adrian said...

Oh, that.

bestfriend said...


DRP said...