Friday, March 14, 2008


I like to wear slippers en route to work. I wear them during lunch and after work too. Why?

1. Because I am getting achy knees from heels that I have to wear
2. Because I want to be able to run after buses without flying over cars
3. Because heels are just plain painful and gives you smelly feet

However, I wonder if I will meet clients/suppliers during the before/after work and during-lunch periods. What will they think? In fact, should they be judging me during MY time?

It is difficult to separate the working me and the after-work me. My time (dressing) should be my own post work but it does not seem that way. We may think celebrities have it bad, having to put on make-up and dress up while going for groceries, but in a way, we are trapped in our own Hollywood too.

I will still wear slippers.