Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beggars cannot be choosers

Recently, I received a request from a student at work. She was interested to ask some questions. After speaking to the bossman, I was told to answer her questions.

Knowing that the answers were important to her assignment, I churned it out for her within 2 days. You know the thanks I received?

"How come not the management answering my questions?"

Excuse me. You came to us at the 11th hour and expect "management" to be sitting around waiting to answer your questions? In her OWN words, she initially expressed that she was grateful we bothered to answer her because she is a student. In the next breath, she was asking for management. Has she ever considered that someone was trying to help when a direct rejection could be given? Ever heard of "give an inch, want a foot"? Even big publications seeking interviews will write at least a week prior to finalising the article. Time management dear. Besides, your questions were poorly phrased with abundant grammatical errors.

When I answered her thankful question, she replied,

"Ok. Hope I will get a chance to speak to management next time."

I don't think so sweetheart.

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