Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Post-exam activities III

161106 Jiak ah!

Are you hungry now? If so, you better not read on! Because we went to eat one of my favourite kinds of breakfast!!! Woohoo!!!

Headed for Sunnybank at 11am or so. Not exactly breakfast but hey! I'm on holidays! Anyhoo. I love this breakfast! Right up there with McD's Sausage McMuffin with Egg meal. Yum!

Oyster mee suah! Long life ah!

Delicious spring onion pancake! MMMMMMMM!!!

Braised egg and tau gua! BEST I HAVE EVER TASTED!

And for dessert... ... ... ... Hmm... Do you like the beancurd from Rochor? I don't. Because I find it too soft. No texture, nothing to chew. I'm a bit of a chewer. I like to chew barley especially. Haha... Can take me ages to finish a cup of barley. Well. Beancurd.

Cold soy beancurd with fresh mango!!! !!! !!! I LOVE ITS TEXTURE!!!

But that must be the most expensive beancurd I have ever had. $3.80 ok! Mai siao siao.

Today, the plan was to go Sunnybank and Garden City. What's at Garden City? Another Westfield mall. Woohoo! Same boring shops!!! How exciting!!! +_+

But this mall supposed to be bigger though I didn't really think so. Nothing for me to buy also. I think I need to stick to routine. Like go to Brisbane city to shop or maybe Indooroopilly. By the way, how would you pronounce Indooroopilly? In-door-roo-pi-ly? WRONG! It's In-droo-pi-ly!!! Amazing right?! The two "o" must be swallowed. Hmm... But it sounds better anyway!

Recently, we have been on an ice-coffee trail. The best we have had so far is still at Campos, Sydney. Sadly, the most unobtainable as well. But this one here comes close! Ladies and gentlemen, in second place... ... ...

From some book shop cafe in Garden City. It is inside the mall itself. Near Terry White Chemist if I'm not mistaken. 2nd hand bookstore. Check it out!!!

For some strange reason, we not in the mood to shop! *gasps* Must be getting ready for Melbourne. Hee, hee, hee. But I'm going without expectations and hope to be surprised! Hmm.. That's an expectation also isn't it? Ah! Whatever lah!

But the window display here for Christmas nice wor. I wonder what it's like in Singapore. If I get to go back before Christmas, I would like to high tea at Goodwood Park. Always past by during Xmas and get to see the tall xmas tree outside but never get to see it up close and personal. Haiz. I think Singapore's xmas display more happening. The best is the year when they had the blue twinkling lights and it drizzled. Looked like snow!

Here though, they have cute wombat!

There is a story to this but I can't quite remember. It's about Wombat wanting a role in the performance of the birth of Jesus. Woolloo must be happy for his fellow countryman.


Anonymous said...

pieces of crap? that might discourage me from commenting.

JULIA! I looks as though you're doing well. I am jealous of your lifestyle.

Did 518 get my postcard yet?

Anonymous said...

After a second glance, you're not who I thought you were. I like your blog though.