Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back in the rain

How do you pack 1 year into two suitcases? And make them well under 30kg? You simply use 9 suitcases instead.

Hello Singapore!


piglet said...

Welcome home! :D

Dawn said...

WAH!! 9 so many leh!
I post about 20kg of stuff home when I came back.

jllt said...

Yay! Home!

How come luggage can be so light? I think I have three times as many/heavy things as you!

Dawn said...

I was there for like... 2 years leh. LOLX.
I threw away about 5 rubbish bag full of stuff though. :D

jllt said...

I went for 1.5 years and threw away countless bags of stuff. x: