Sunday, August 28, 2005

The adventures of 黄熊熊 (Groceries)

I is on a going out trip to the grocery shop today because tomorrow I is cooking a meal for 美狗狗! I is thinking of getting seafood for a nice seafood stew and something else but I is first time see so many strange prawns:

Why is the prawns naked and red? I is think they are matching for my red tee! I is usually see prawns in grayish colors. I is wondering why prawns with tails are more expensive because we is do not eat the tails anyway. Marketing gimmick – tails are nutritious?

I is decided to buy uncooked prawns for my cooking. I is prefer to see grayish normal prawns. Later I is decided to get some potatoes because you cannot have too much potatoes. Potatoes in French fries, in rosti, in chips, baked, boiled, mashes, fried, curried or steamed also can. But I is think my red tee is having a big influence on the food in the supermarket because:

The potatoes are red too! Where is the brown, dirty potatoes I is used to?!

I is think this potato is albino? Do you know albino animals can hardly survive in the wild because they is cannot camouflage? I is have a albino bear friend called 小白熊 and he is very poor thing because he is always have to wear a synthetic bear coat when he is go out because he is don’t want hunters to shoot him. Wearing fur coat in summer is very horrible and 小白熊 always sweat until dehydrated. That’s why I is cannot think why Michael Jackson want to be white color.

I is walk and walk around the supermarket because I is want to find something for one of my dishes. Do you know of how sometimes you is thinking of something but that something refuses to come out? It is like that something is sitting outside the memory part of your brain then you is need to force your brain to grab IT. But usually you is cannot grab IT so you is need to think of things related to IT to find IT. So I is walking around and around wondering what I is want to get because I is remember thinking about IT but just don’t know what IT is. IT is going to get it from me! I is also don’t understand why people is always saying you is going to get it from them. What is it? A present, a chocolate or an ice-cream? I is headache. But I is know for sure what I is want to give IT. I is tell you a secret: when you cannot remember what IT is, you don’t think about IT because IT is trying to be funny. When you is give up, IT is come out. So I is finally found it when I is pondering over what “get it from me” means:

It is the best tomato sauce in the world! Heinz’s! But I is angry so I is chose the squeezable bottle so IT is really going to get it from me. It = squeeze. Next time you tell people they is going to get it from you, please specify what it is going to be so no one will get disappointed when they found out it is not diamond ring.

I is also want to find something sweet to end the meal with. So I is go to see desserts. But I is have a daymare! I is saw the fridge and thinking about how horrible it would be to be trapped inside.

I is remember seeing this show called 迷离夜 where a man is unknowingly dropped a coin into a wishing well and he is later say “多么希望可以永远留在这个时刻” in the carpark because he is having fun with a girl on their date. And they is later keep driving in circles in the carpark and cannot get out because he is made a wish! From then on, I is don’t want to buy clothes with pockets where coins can drop into a wishing well. And I is wondering whether the amount you dropped in will matter. Maybe you is get your wish for 50 times longer if you dropped a $50 note rather than a $1 coin.

But I is think it will be more better if I is make something for 美狗狗 because the dessert can be sweeten by my love for her. *gig gig* So I is decided to get yogurt and some fruits for the grand finale:

Yogurt with fresh fruits! You is don’t think I is buy spoiled kiwi: I is got golden kiwi that is less sour and sweeter than green kiwi! I is read on magazine that Zespri’s kiwi is an aphrodisiac! It is has an amino acid called arginine that aid blood circulation and has been utilized in the treatment of male impotence! But I is have no worries because you is hear how people use bear’s gall bladders as aphrodisiacs? They is don’t know that it is only good when we is attached to our parts.

I is hope 美狗狗 will like my food. I is planned to start cooking at 3pm so I is have time to shower before she comes so I is can smell 香香. By the way, I is having problems with sleeping. Can you suggest anything I is can do? I is don’t want to turn into panda bear. I is don’t like to be monochromic.


Injenue said...

that's life. sometimes the harder you try to strive for something, the more it eludes you.

Anonymous said...

Frozen Bear.. New Recipe ISSIT?? LOL

Anonymous said...

The pale potatoes are coliban potatoes. Good for almost everything.\

The red ones are Desiree potatoes and they're more waxy than the pale ones. I prefer to use these for curry cos then it wouldn't disintegrate when boiling/cooking!